Monday, May 08, 2006

Internet Marketing: Love to Hate it or Hate to Love, but your business Just Can’t Ignore

Internet Marketing is quickly evolving towards the media convergence, where television, VOIP’s, Mobiles machines, I-pods are gearing up new business models…..

It’s only based on the same old concepts of measuring how much impact any promotion or marketing communication vehicle can deliver? As simple as the answer Reach and Frequency makes internet marketing more promising.

The pressure of globalization and internet marketing strategy are synergist to the business success locally and globaly. The adoption trends are being followed exactly how a typical innovation cycle proceeds.

Each company has its own way of doing the business and responding to the new ways of marketing, the large businesses and early adopters are already having active taste buds for online marketing revolution and want to try more and more.

Global promotion spending for internet marketing is increasingly taking up more piece of pie from the media promotion budgets. It just points to the few clear advantages over convectional marketing initiatives, the arguments goes like this: Internet Marketing;

  1. Getting Contextual: precisely target customers to a nuclear level
  2. Its more direct
  3. More personal
  4. High response rate
  5. Message flexibility
  6. More measurable
  7. 24x7 in many cases
And certainly gaining popularity..increasing reach day by day

Marketing simply means conveying right message to the right audience at right time, we need to look no further, as internet marketing justifies all the attributes and stands ahead of all other initiatives, Its Internet Marketing, love to hate it or hate to love, but one just can’t ignore..


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